Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Volume Layer

Actually, I am not very happy with the volume-control from the tenori-on. (R4)
I do not like the vertical style and I cannot do anything else on this page.
So I decided to make a kind of mixer-page on layer8.
Layer8 is one of the Random-Layers and I am not using all 4 of them anyway.
In the moment the 2 top rows are free for new ideas, but the other led´s work as kind of volume-slider. See here how you can set volumes:

The animation of the layer doen`t matter at all, so I put the animation-style to "simple" Size1, that it doesn`t bother me.

You find the new Volume Layer in the new update 0.96, which is availible on the left side of this blog. here is how it looks:

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

working with the version 0.952

Here you can see a video of working with the version 0.952.
Midi-Channel 1 is a synth-bass, controlled also by layer3 for the filter.
Layer 6 & 7 are playing the drums.
Layer 11 is for the sequenzer and Layer 15 is playing a pad.

Version 0.952

After the concert on Sunday (which went well) I made a few adjustments and here is the release of version 0.952. (you find it on the left side of this blog)
Whats new?
The Midi-engine for channel1 is much more stable now, polyphony up to 16 voices - no more midi "hangs"...
If included a slider for the note-length now, I always had problems with handling some polyphonic tasks if i put the note length on the tenori-on to high - so the patch is now doing the job, and this works much better.
I am still not happy with the remote-mode. The status of the led`s is not always the status of the patterns or samples trigered in Live, and that makes it somehow quite confusing. If I want to find a solution I have to find out, if the led`s of the Tenori-On can be triggered by Midi-massages. If anybody has a hint for me it would be appreciated !