Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Tenori-On at the Whitney

Yesterday I was playing together with Helga Davis and Lukas Ligeti at the Whitney Museum in New York. Everything went very well and we were using all of our crazy controllers including the Tenori-On..:-)
Here is our setup:

On the left side is my computer. I was using Max/Msp and Ableton Live with an RME Audio-Interface and the Emagic MT4 as the Midi-interface. My controllers were the Buchla Lightning II and the Tenori-on. On the right side is Lukas computer, also with Ableton Live controlled by Buchlas Marimba-Lumina.
In the next picture you can see the Display for the Lightning II in the foreground:

This time I also made an improvisation with the Tenori-On using only the Midi-Out to control different Synthesizers and Samplers in Ableton Live - this was a lot of fun !

Here is one photo in action during the soundcheck: