Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Version 0.94

After the concert I began working on a new version, which also enables me to use the tenori-on also as a remote control for Ableton Live.
Here is my version 0.94.

This is only work in progress, but you can control samples now in the gate-mode and there are some basic remote-functions.
The Layers are used as:

Layer1 = Midi-Notes on Midi-Channel1
Layer2 = Velocity for the notes on Midi-Channel1
Layer3 = controller on Midi-channel1 e.a. for Cutoff-Filter
Layer4 = controller on Midi-channel1 e.a. for Resonance
Layer5 = basic remote-functions

I noticed that the full polyphony is not working correctly, so in the moment Midi-Channel1 works only with up to 4 voices, but its only 0.94...:-)


audionewsroom said...

Hi, I've sent you an email to your atatak info address.
Let me know :-)

Pyrolator said...

good, that you wrote the comment, I found your mail in my spam-folder :-)