Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Volume Layer

Actually, I am not very happy with the volume-control from the tenori-on. (R4)
I do not like the vertical style and I cannot do anything else on this page.
So I decided to make a kind of mixer-page on layer8.
Layer8 is one of the Random-Layers and I am not using all 4 of them anyway.
In the moment the 2 top rows are free for new ideas, but the other led´s work as kind of volume-slider. See here how you can set volumes:

The animation of the layer doen`t matter at all, so I put the animation-style to "simple" Size1, that it doesn`t bother me.

You find the new Volume Layer in the new update 0.96, which is availible on the left side of this blog. here is how it looks:


Frank said...

Hi just loaded this up - not really tried it yet.. but thanks for doing this !

Oh, by the way - do you know if you switch it on whilst holding down L1 and L5, it puts it into 'Advance" mode - then if you go to your layer menu, you can change the default for each layer e.g. make them *all* bounce layers... etc..

fret said...

First of all i would like to thank you for your work and generosity!
I've just bought a tenori and connecting it through midi in slave mode with Live (5lite-soon uprading to 7). I followed all your instruction but i don't manage to get any midi response into live. I wonder if the your application just need the latest version of runtime or if it's the live lite 5 edition that's causing problems due to limitations. Are you running tiger?
Are you planning to make a video tutorial? Are you planning to make the patch open source? I hope i can make my tenori runs as you do! Big thanks, Frederik

fret said...


I thought it might be useful to give you my myspace url:



fret said...


Frederik again.
Yep, i got the Tenori-On Helper working. Midi is coming in but behaving erratic. CPU bumps erratic... Have you encountered these problems? Could you give me some suggestions where to look for a solution? Enjoying your application!!!
Kind regards,